Class Requirements:

There are things you need to know and things you can do to assure that your child has a safe, fun, and successful experience in the OASYREP class. The following is required for your child to participate in the OASYREP class:

* * * Limited to ages 6 - 15 * * *

1. OPRD ATV Safety Education card - The Safety Education card or documentation of completion must be presented to the Evaluator at the start of the class. You must take the Oregon online ATV safety education exam to get you Safety Education card. If you do not have one, Click Here to take the online exam.

2. Appropriately sized ATV that is in good running condition. An ATV safety check will be conducted. ATVs not passing the safety check will not be permitted.
  • Be sure the engine starts and runs smoothly.
  • Check to assure that all ATV controls are functional.
  • Throttle snaps back.
  • Engine cut-off switch operates properly.
  • Brakes function smoothly and are adjusted per manufacturer's specifications.
  • Tires must have good tread and must be properly and uniformly inflated.
3. The following protective gear must be worn by your child:
  • DOT-approved helmet with fastening chin strap
  • Goggles or face shield
  • Full-finger gloves
  • Long pants
  • Long-sleeved shirt or jacket
  • Over-the-ankle boots
4. Attendance requirements:
  • You must arrive on time. Classes will start on time. If your child is late, you will lose your place in the class and your non-refundable registration fee.
  • Your child must complete and pass all evaluations.
  • If your child does not meet the minimum standard, he/she will be dismissed from the remainder of the class. Your child will not receive an endorsement.
5. Parent supervision: You must accompany and observe your child''s entire class (for participants 15 years of age and younger).

6. Read the entire OASYREP Rider Guide with your child. For safety reasons, you will not be permitted to coach your child during the evaluation process. Your child is expected to demonstrate the necessary mental and physical riding skills without assistance. Please enjoy your child's success by remaining in the off-range endorsement site.

7. Three-wheeled ATVs are not permitted.

8. You will sign a Release of Liability at the endorsement range site.

9. Please review your registration carefully before submitting payment. The Oregon ATV Safety Program does not issue refunds. Links to: Return Policy - Privacy Policy

The OASYREP Evaluators are eager to meet with and evaluate your child's mental and physical riding skills. Your attention to these details will greatly assist the Evaluator in helping your child achieve success.

Questions regarding the Oregon ATV Safety Youth Rider Endorsement Program can be directed to Todd Williver at or call 541-548-6088.